В этом разделе вы сможете найти информацию о плюсах и минусах установки брекетов.

Braces in particular are used for complex treatment of teeth, dentition and jaws for both children and adults.

Advantages of braces over other systems:

  • They are attached to the surface of each tooth separately and with their help, pressure on the tooth is applied in any direction and regularly
  • The pressure level and direction can be easily optimized and controlled
  • It does not cover the palate and thus does not prevent the sense of taste
  • Easily combined with other orthodontic devices.

Despite all these advantages braces also have disadvantages:

  • With inattentive care, they peel off from the teeth and thus slow down the treatment (see the article «Diet in orthodontics»)
  • They require careful hygiene. With insufficient brushing of teeth, even within a month, white spots or carious cavities may occur (see the article «Do traces remain after braces»)
  • They take an average of a week to get used to them (see the article «Getting used to braces»)

Commonly used types of braces:

  • Classic metal braces
  • Metal braces with built-in lid (self ligating)
  • Transparent braces, in particular composite, plastic, ceramic and zirconium.

From transparent braces, composite and plastic braces, despite their reasonable prices, in practice did not justify themselves due to the fragility of the material. But ceramic and zirconium braces are widely used in the world practice.

The difference between ceramic and zirconium braces is in the monomer and this difference makes zirconium braces more transparent and durable.

Frequently asked question about transparent braces: does the treatment with transparent braces last longer than with metal braces and is it possible to achieve an ideal result (ideal for this patient and in this situation) using transparent braces?

Answer: there are some studies that indicate an extension of the treatment period with transparent braces (according to the laws of friction), but, in particular, the duration and result of treatment depends on the professionalism of the orthodontist and the patient's cooperation.

Lingual Braces:

According to the material, these are also metal braces, but they differ in that they are attached to the teeth not from the lips, but from the tongue, and this makes them completely invisible. Lingual braces are also divided into two subgroups: factory-built and individual.

I must agree that there is a huge price difference between them, since individual braces, as well as arcs to them, are made exclusively for a specific patient. But I should also add that this price difference is worth the difference in the result.

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