Duration of orthodontic treatment

Before starting treatment, many people have the same question in their head: "how long will my treatment last?"
Orthodontic treatment lasts an average of 2 years, but this information also raises 2 questions for patients:

1. "why is it so long?", because usually everyone has a friend / girlfriend or neighbors whose treatment lasted only 6 months.

Answer: alignment of teeth is not the only and main task of orthodontics. The main task is to get a perfect and lasting result without damaging the roots of the teeth and the bone tissue around the teeth. The sooner the treatment ends, the more likely it is that the teeth will return to their previous position. And so you can get the same result in 6 months or 2 years, although everything will look the same, the difference will be in the stability of the result and the reaction of the bone tissue around the teeth and the roots of the teeth to treatment.

2. «Will I still wear braces all these years?»

Answer: On average, patients wear braces in their mouths for 2 years. And this, like everything new in our life, takes time to get used to. And this time is usually a month. After the first month, both you and everyone around you will get used to the "new you" and no one will be able to imagine you without braces, even yourself. And you will get used to the braces to the point where you will feel empty when we take them off.

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