Wear braces? Absolutely not…

Wear braces? Absolutely not…

Some people think that if you wear braces, it will ruin their whole life, including relationships with friends and family, business and cordial relationships, that in life they will not be able to get used to braces...​

I can't get used to braces...

If this were a reality, it would probably be the only example that a person can't get used to. But in fact, the situation is as follows: no matter how long the treatment lasts ,it is" hard " only for the first month, and then normal life begins, or rather, life with braces becomes the new norm for patients.

The most difficult case in my practice was with a patient who came to the clinic two days in a row after installing braces with a request to remove them, which she can not get used to. In the end, we agreed with her that this week there is no free time and appointed her for the next week to remove the braces. As a result, a week later, she called and said that there were no more problems and canceled the appointment. Two years later, we finished the treatment and she was happy with both the result and her decision.

As for the reaction of others to your braces, I can say that no one will hide their new bag, phone or car from friends, relatives or close acquaintances. This can also include new braces. Treatment that is rejected for a long time after the question "how will your friends and acquaintances react to this?" is shown first of all to those who have rejected treatment for a long time.


No one has enough of it... Especially for myself... At the school: "we are preparing for university, there is no time for braces"... At the university: "I would do it at school, now there is no time, I need to finish university, get a job", after the university: "there are a lot of things to do, there is no time, I would do it at the university", family, children, and so on.

In my personal practice, I have not yet seen anyone who would openly admit that they do not want braces because the appearance of braces will spoil their external beauty. Otherwise, I would answer like this: most orthodontic treatments are used precisely in cases of aesthetic deficiency, that is, when a person's smile is not perfect. So it turns out that you and the people around you are just used to your smile. You and they will also get used to seeing you with braces and you will only see after the end of treatment how much curved teeth affected the beauty, I would even say much more than braces. It's not just that we say " beauty begins with a smile»

Whether it is beauty, knowledge, ability, kindness, or something else is not important, never hesitate, do not be lazy, do not hesitate, do not refrain from trying to move forward... Close your ears to unconstructive comments that may upset you and continue, because there is always a better point ahead of you...

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